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Utterly Amazing — Or — Nobel’s Credibility Flushes Down the Toilet… Again

October 9, 2009

Several years ago, Al Gore won a Nobel Prize for a trumped up enviro-farce, beating out a Holocaust survivor who saved innocent men, women, and children at the cost of torture that robbed her of the ability to walk. The Nobel Committee’s judgment plunged to a new low.

They’ve plunged further than ever by awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Unbelievable. The Kool-aide mustaches sported by the committee are topped with brown noses. If duping Americans is what it takes to win the prize, the guy who convinced overweight people to buy Spandex should have one on his mantle. What has Pres-O done? If being the first black president is the sole reason, the prize should be divide among those foolish enough to vote for him, not the man himself.

Perhaps they’ve been sniffing the dynamite the original Nobel made.

Just once I’d like to see a winner look at the field of nominations and say, “you know what? The committee messed up. This really belongs to…” Now THAT would be a PR stunt better than the award.

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  1. Rob permalink
    October 11, 2009 2:40 pm

    Okay, before I get a raft of comments (not that I ever get a raft of comments); when I said "first black president" and "those foolish enough to vote for him" the foolishness is directed at the man and not at the color of the man. And maybe foolish is too strong given who was running against him. There was no winner to vote for.And while I do think Gore's book on Global Warming was complete bunk, I don't deny there is some sort of climate change going on, I just don't think people have much to do with it. Volcanos and cows are the chief culprits; while it's true people are the sole reason why there are so many flatulant bovines, even they pale in the noxious emissions of volcanos which we have nothing to do with.Weather is cyclical, and all the changes man makes won't impact that an iota. That doesn't mean we shouldn't cut down on polutants, we just shouldn't do it for that reason, or make stupid decisions based on a ticking clock that isn't ticking.

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