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Mighty Mouse or Spidey Mouse

September 2, 2009

Disney is buying Marvel Comics. Knowing the principles in both companies, I don’t expect this to be a match made in heaven. While I doubt much is going to happen to the comics (you don’t kill a cash cow), and I’m fairly certain all the movies and amusement park stuff is locked up with long-term contracts, there are only two things hanging ‘neath the sword:

1) My old employer, Diamond Comics, may be taking it in the shorts. Marvel is almost 50% of the distributor’s comic book base and Disney has their own distributor. Will they take it was from Diamond? Eventually, I’m sure they will. Might be a pain for retailers, but they’ll adapt (it may affect their discount, though, so that could hurt them).

2) Animated shows and animated movies. This could be a great thing. Marvel’s animation projects are horrible. Bad art, not enough frames… Disney, on the other hand, is the gold standard. Or at least they were. With their 2-D geniuses dismissed, what could be amazing probably won’t be. *Sigh* If they hired them all back, though, imagine how good things could be. Imagine the Fantastic Four as good as the Incredibles; Ultimate Spider-Man, Submariner (underwater could work in art; less so in live action).

It probably won’t happen though. Fan boys can only hope.

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  1. B.L.S. permalink
    September 3, 2009 11:00 am

    Indeed they can. But, like you said, that's it.

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