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Never Exhaust Your Puppy

July 12, 2009

I was intending to post on a fun new event in our family — Thunder has discovered the pool. When we go in for a swim, he now joins in. He’s an excellent swimmer, chugging along, snapping at splashes. The only problem is that we can rest by standing up, but he can’t (and wouldn’t if he could). We tried to put him out, but he’d just run back in.

Finally, when it was time for us to go in and dry off, Thunder reluctantly left the pool and let us towel him down. After showering and getting dressed, I decided to blog about it. Now dry, he joins me in my easy-chair as I prepare to blog.

Then I hear an odd tinkling sound, like water trickling on cloth…

He’d managed to stand, but not to jump down and go outside. Thunder was peeing on my chair. Apparently he drank a lot of pool water… Poor easy-chair.

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