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Pet Irresponsibility Class

June 6, 2008

To avoid a 100 dollar fine, I enrolled for a Pet Responsibility Class with Orange County. 3 Hours long.

What a complete and utter waste of time. I’d initially thought, hmmm, maybe there are things I should know about like rabies shots, vaccinations, care and maybe training.

No, it was a film decrying our horrible society and it’s hatred for animals. It condemned dog breeders and people who won’t spay their pets. It discussed the stray problem and gleefully showed us animals being put down.

Then there was the PowerPoint show about animal bites in gory detail. It detailed extreme irresponsibility but didn’t say a word about responsibility.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 7, 2008 8:28 am

    And to think that you had to miss home group for that!

  2. LeeMac permalink
    June 7, 2008 11:09 am

    sad indeed.

  3. sherlock permalink
    June 10, 2008 7:10 am

    At least you got to miss home group, apparently. You have to let me know if Juno is any good. Movie wise, not content wise of course…

  4. LeeMac permalink
    June 10, 2008 3:06 pm

    I haven’t heard that movie…

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